Everyone deserves a great night’s sleep.

And in modern society, we sure need it more than ever.

But what’s more, getting great sleep has been proven to be essential to good health. So it’s always great to discover anything that helps us get that coveted shuteye.

URGOnight is a new sleep-enabling device that helps your brain get into the right zone for ideal sleep. It lets you fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and feel more rested in the morning.

The key is in the headband’s use of brain training via EEG technology — a type of neurofeedback loop used in the most advanced scientific labs. You’ve probably seen it in the movies before, although this version is much less intrusive.

The beauty of the URGOnight is that you simply place it over your head like a normal headband. It is connected to a mobile app that records and analyzes your brainwaves automatically.

Unlike a lot of sleep devices, this isn’t something that you would simply be embarrassed by if you got it as a gift or kept it on your nightstand. In fact, it makes a great conversation when people come over as well.

Of course, it isn’t the only device that helps you sleep. If you want to know what your options are, check out this review of the best sleep trackers on the market.

But that’s not all. This groundbreaking device doesn’t just tell you what your brain waves are doing. The accompanying app also includes brain training exercises that put your mind into the most sleep-friendly state.

All you do is wear it 20 minutes per day for three times per week over three months. That’s a huge relief for people who were wondering how on earth they would wear something on their head while they slept.

Most devices make you wear it all night. What’s worse, a lot of times they are clunky and awkward, making you less likely to actually use them.

Instead, you can simply wear it before bed, after work, while you’re winding down for the day, or anytime you feel like it. That’s part of the magic of URGOnight.

This device is backed by science, using a lot of the knowledge from these two scientific studies on neurofeedback here.

The makers of URGOnight claim that you can fall asleep 40% faster when you use the device. They also say you’ll wake up about 53% less often when you use it as directed.

That’s a big difference in sleep quality compared to what the average person is getting. Then again, the average person doesn’t get much quality sleep, so that makes sense.

As far as the timeline to start seeing real results, the creators suggest that you keep a few conditioning sessions in your weekly routine after those initial three months. While you will still get a lot of benefits from that initial brain training, the key is to keep it consistent over the long run.

Priced at $600, the URGOnight is the type of device that is high quality, yet affordable. It currently has a Indiegogo campaign here and is set to start delivering later this year.

This brain training tech isn’t your average invention. The design is so sleek, it was turning heads when it was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show. And it was an honoree of the Innovation Award at CES 2019.

We could all use a better night’s sleep. And now, thanks to cool gadgets like URGOnight, that’s more possible than ever. So why not pick one up for yourself or as a special gift today?