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Tag: Alcohol

More and more older women have the habit of drinking hard

It appears as older women start to consume more alcohol and develop a habit out of it. Now, more and more women get this...

Rihanna’s alcohol problem accentuates as days goes by

She received eight Grammy nominations but left home with nothing. Instead, she drew the attention while sporting the most unusual ‘accessory’. It was quite inevitable to...

For most people Wi-Fi is more important than chocolate and even...

Despite the fact this idea was inconceivable a few years ago, the fact that Wi-Fi is more important than chocolate and sex was scientifically...

That ‘one drink a day’ might increase the breast cancer risk

Alcohol has dramatic effects on patients with breast cancer and its recurrence, especially in early stages. A recent study presents a very specific evidence regarding...

New Study Shows Alcohol May Cause 7 Different Types Of Cancer

There has long been debate over how alcohol affects health. Studies have shown that alcohol may be good for certain functions of the body,...