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What is the mysterious ‘big time’ discovery made by NASA?

NASA is preparing this major press conference on Wednesday and they will take advantage to present a huge ‘discovery made beyond our solar system’. The...

The fascinating secret hidden in Tutankhamun’s tomb

Some researchers believe Tutankhamun’s tomb hides two secret rooms. The existence of these rooms surfaced after the experts conducted multiple scans. A group of archaeologists from...

The shirt of the future tells you what to eat

Trying to lose some weight? Keep telling yourself you didn’t eat that much? Or you suffer from diabetes and need to track down your eating...

Sonequa Martin-Green: ‘Star Trek’ leading actress

Great news for Star Trek fans: The newest series will have Sonequa Martin-Green, well known for her role in The Walking Dead, as the...

Amazing discovery in the DNA of a mummified child

Scientists have found the oldest version of a virus which caused cruel smallpox epidemics decades ago. Smallpox was the first disease against which was requested...

More Discovery Of Flood Confirming Legend Of Yu The Great

Scientists have recently discovered evidence that buttresses the catastrophic flood of Chinese's upper Yellow River valley over 4,000 years back. They said this discovery...

This Could Represent a Break-Through for Children with Autism

When it comes to sensory and perception, children with autism often become misunderstood. Although they may seem deaf, autistics are just sensitive when it comes...