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Tags Nicolas Maduro

Tag: Nicolas Maduro

Violent protests in Venezuela, while the state is sinking into a...

More than 300 people were arrested in Venezuela, following violent protests against the withdrawal of the national banknote of 100 bolivars, writes Reuters. The massive...

Endless queue lines in Venezuela

Thousands of people want to exchange the 100-bolivar banknotes which will be withdrawn from the Venezuelan markets. Interminable queues were almost instantly formed when President...

Venezuela sets free from jail 4 enemies of President Maduro

The 4 prisoners were put behind bars because they were accused of plotting against the Venezuelan government and committing acts of violence. Venezuela set free...

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro labeled as the ‘Grinch’ of our times

Despite the fact, Christmas is around the corner toy stores from Venezuela have nothing but empty shelves to offer their customers. According to experts, the...

While his country is collapsing, President Nicolas Maduro is dancing salsa

Venezuela is going through a severe economic crisis. Despite the fact his citizens are lacking from basic things in life, President Nicolas Maduro is...