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Robots would do a better job in politics

After a new poll was taken in the United Kingdom, researchers came to the conclusion that one out of four people think that robots...

Emotional intelligence will become an important feature of smart systems

The technological progress is primarily aimed at trying to facilitate the interaction between people or between people and the environment. For this reason, the most...

Robots could save your heart

Scientists never cease to surprise us. So, this time they gathered their forces and created a robotic sleeve that ‘dresses’ your heart so it can...

Jia Jia, the Chinese robot: the first step towards the widespread...

Jia Jia can entertain a simple conversation and adopt surprising feminine expressions and its creator is convinced that this humanoid cyborg represents the first...

A Country Where Robots Will Be Delivering Food and Medicine

Swiss Post, the national postal service company of Switzerland, will test robots in three cities for the delivery of food and medicine, next month. ...