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Why the Queen Wears Only Bright Colors?

Queen Elizabeth II follows the trends We can call her a lot of names but we would never assume that she is not stylish All of...

David Beckham is involved in a major scandal

David Beckham, aged 41 years, is the subject of the latest scandal in the football world. The legend of Manchester United is accused of using...

Prince William will take over some of the Queen’s duties

After the Queen decided to give up a part of her official duties, the Royal House announced that the person who will take care...

The Queen expressed her ‘royal’ opinion regarding Prince Harry’s new flame

Queen Elizabeth II has already formed an opinion about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s current partner. It is known that Prince Harry is extremely loved up...

Queen Elizabeth Hailed as a ‘Beacon’ of Style

The Queen was called a ‘beacon’ of style worldwide as one of the best-dressed ladies in the world. Vanity Fair awarded Queen Elizabeth a unique...